BDS Management Team

The Management Team is led by the General Manager and regular meetings are held throughout the year to plan and deliver the Societies work.

The team includes:

Professor Rory Putman, Society Chairman
Dominic Griffith, Vice Chairman
Sarah Gubbins, Treasurer and Financial Director
Sarah Stride, General Manager and Company Secretary
Chris Brooks, Head of Training Development
Glyn Ingram, Deer Officer
John Bruce, Scottish Area Council Chairman
Morris Charlton, England, Wales & Northern Ireland Area Chairman
Phillip Rosslee, Finance Officer
Laura McMahon, Marketing Manager

Individual Trustee/Directors attend on occasion as ex officio members and contribute specialist input as necessary.

BDS Staff

Our core staff coordinate and manage the day to day running of BDS from training and events to membership, fundraising and sales.

Sarah Stride          General Manager

Glyn Ingram          Deer Officer

Chris Brooks          Head of Training Development

Phillip Rosslee       Finance Officer

Laura McMahon     Marketing Manager

Helen Sims           Admin & Sales Support

Annie Nadin          Membership Secretary

Dawn Cope           Training Coordinator