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Whether you’re new to deer stalking or already an experienced Deer Manager, the DSC1 provides a comprehensive guide to deer stalking techniques and management. The DSC1 is the foundation of deer skills development.

The BDS online DSC1 training provides all the resources and support you need to prepare yourself for the DSC1 assessments. Being able to access this online means you can study at your own pace, ask questions, and test your knowledge using our quizzes in advance regardless of where you are in the world.

Areas Covered include:

  • Safety- an ability to safely handle firearms and other tools and equipment in a simulated stalking environment. This includes the use of knives and extraction equipment where appropriate.
  • The law – the legal basis for the use of firearms and the culling of wild deer.
  • Deer biology and ecology – the life and reproductive cycles, habitat requirements and behaviour of the six species of wild deer.
  • Stalking techniques and taking the shot – a theoretical knowledge of the basis of stalking techniques, points of aim and the reaction of the deer to shot placement.
  • Large Game – knowledge of the inspection of carcasses and the legal requirements.
  • Deer identification – an ability to identify the six species of deer normally found in the wild in the UK, being able to distinguish between the male and female of each species in both summer and winter coat.
  • Shooting – an ability to shoot accurately and consistently in a simulated stalking environment.